Sunflex SF75H Timber Bifolding Doors

The Sunflex SF75H range is one of the slimmest stacking timber bifolding door system on the market. With sightlines of only 122mm it is slimmer than most Aluminim systems.

With a total of 12 panels in each direction it is possible to create spans of up to 25m with heights of up to 2.9m.

Together with the flush track option, a virtually seemless transition between inside and outside is experienced.

Sunflex timber bifolding doors offer versatile configurations including bays, segmented radius curves and fixed or moveable 90 or 135 degree corner posts to create the effect of infinity.

The Sunflex SF75H is the most thermally efficient timber bifolding door system on the market achieving an overall U-value of just 0.9W/m²K.

These stunning solid timber bifolding doors offer all of the warmth and natural beauty of timber whilst being engineered to a specification that competes with Aluminium.

Available in Nordic Pine (softwood), Mernati (hardwood) or American White Oak (hardwood). Other non-standard timbers can be specified, please contact us if you would like to explore this option.

The Sunflex SF75H is fully finished to withstand the elements and with an additional marine treatment applied to the hardware, they can be used within 5,000 metres of the coast or swimming pool areas.

Sunflex SF75H Timber Bifolding Door Features:

  • Excellent Thermal Efficiency –8mm, 28mm & 40mm glass panels accommodated
  • Outstanding Weather Rating – One of the most weather-tight systems available
  • High Level Security – Internally glazed with five-point locks and top & bottom shoot bolts
  • Available in Nordic Pine (Softwood), Mernati (Hardwood) or American White Oak (Hardwood)
  • Over 200 RAL Paint Colours Available
  • Colour Coded or Stainless Steel Handles
  • Up to 95% Clear Opening
  • Movable Corner Post & Radius Curve Options
  • Panel width up to 1100mm and height up to 2900mm
  • Flush-to-floor Track Option
  • Inward or Outward Opening
  • Finger Safe Gaskets
  • Integrated Tilt & Turn Window Option