Manual and Electric Opening Rooflights

Our manual opening flat roof light is designed using our flat roof light system but incorporating a ring beam section and a heavy duty hinge to one side and a surface mounted telescopic opening mechanism to the opening side, producing an opening roof light with the same slim, sleek look as our flat roof light.

The manual operation is achieved using our supplied Aluminium extendible winding pole and can be opened to a maximum of 310mm.

Our electric opening flat roof lights are designed in exactly the same way as our manual roofs but have a fully concealed electronic chain driven opening actuator and can open the roof to a maximum of 400mm. Even the wiring can be concealed behind the plasterboard for a wire free finish.

Optional extras available with the electric roof lights include key fob remote control, heated rain sensors to avoid morning dew from preventing the roof light from opening and a weather pack which has sensors to ensure that the roof closes in the event of high winds.

YES also supply 2 opening access roof lights that allow clients to gain access to their flat roof area.

The 2 operating options are manual with fully concealed gas struts, key locking and handle and can be made up to 1.5m², or can be fitted with fully concealed 24v folding actuating arms that effortlessly lift the roof to provide ventilation or access and can be made up to 3m².

The access roofs can open up to 85 degrees providing ample space for accessing the roof area.

All of our opening roof lights are manufactured using the same twin poly-amide thermally break as our flat roof lights, then factory resin bonded with 26mm double glazed units using soft coat low E glass and Argon gas filled cavities.

With many glazing options to choose from including high performance solar control, tinted or even obscured glass.

The flat roof can be fitted to a prepared or existing curb or we can supply a pre-fabricated, fully insulated 5 degree up-stand to be fitted directly to the internal opening in the roof.

The Aluminium is polyester powder coated in grey RAL 7015 externally and white internally to suit internal ceiling finish and has a unique lip detail to the inside allowing the plasterboard to neatly tuck into and underneath the roof light giving a seamless finish and maximum uninterrupted glass area in your ceiling.

We can provide all the necessary assistance, technical information and drawings required for your specification and sizing for your bespoke roof light.