Front door choices for your property and what they mean

A front door says a lot about the property and people within. Bold statements or subtle messages can translate visually with the first barrier we put at the threshold. Materials, style and particularly colour play an important role. As a result, YES Glazing Solutions offer a full range of doors to suit every choice.

Traditional or modern?

The traditional wooden door is a timeless classic. Natural, warm and very much in tune with the environment. Due to the bespoke timber service available at YES Glazing Solutions, we can produce designs to match your requirements.

Aluminium doors offer a modern take on style. The go to option for architects requiring an updated approach, yet they can cleverly offer the traditional look too. They are particularly tough, offering good security and can have modern technology options such as bio-metric entry systems.

A modern composite door can provide either a traditional look or a modern contemporary style. Composite doors are very versatile. They are strong, secure and have excellent thermal insulating abilities. They also have the advantage of being very low maintenance – you will never have to worry about painting or varnishing a composite front door!

Different front door types

Colours tell a story

The colour of a door reveals a little bit about the personality of whoever is behind it. We may look at it as a matter of taste or personal preference, but many communities attach meaning to a door’s appearance.

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese philosophical system that promotes harmony with the surrounding environment, has lots of rules for door colour and material depending on which way the door faces.

Natural and safe

A traditional wooden finish – indicates a down to earth and generous person. They can portray a kind person who will welcome visitors gladly.

White – There are more white doors than any other, and that’s because it represents purity, cleanliness, serenity and virtue. People choosing white doors want to convey a clean and organised appearance.

Black – A strong display of dominance and control. A black front door signifies order and neatness, so everything within will have its place. You should probably make sure you wipe your feet on the way in!

Grey – Trendsetting grey actually conveys indecisiveness, but it is the colour of compromise. Symbolising knowledge, the finish is particularly popular in the commercial sector.

Brown – The choice to convey warmth and trust. Brown doors signify Earth like stability and show a person is reliable. Like a good pair of slippers! Darker shades of brown indicate a private nature though.

The more colourful approachFront door colours: red, white, brown, gray, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple

Red – According to Feng Shui enthusiasts, red is a welcoming colour. Traditionally, hospital homes had red doors. It is a bold choice and speaks of confidence, and says the owner enjoys attention.

Green – A very popular colour, green signifies tranquillity, health and harmony. Good characteristics for a home, it will give visitors a feeling of safety. It is also the colour of money, indicating wealth.

Blue – Choosing a blue front door shows a calm persona. Statistically the most popular colour, blue offers a relaxing, well grounded and truthful character.

Out there and downright radical

Yellow – Want to make a statement? Yellow is the colour of sunshine, showing a creative and optimistic person. It can mean extrovert but can also indicate anxiety.

Orange – A challenge to get right, orange means the occupants are social and connected. Possibly because the colour can be less expensive than others, it may give off that a person is cheap!

Purple – Often used for royalty, purple is associated with luxury and power. Purple also represents wisdom, wealth, grandeur and often extravagance. People choosing a purple door may be trying to ooze a bit of magic about themselves.

Turquoise – A colour of emotion, turquoise reveals a romantic dreamy personality but can be a terrific colour to enrich a grey building.

Pink – Pink is a direct acknowledgement of a romantic character. Hopelessly romantic in most cases, and mostly a feminine association. Pink can be a relaxing colour however and indicates a conscious for life. Be aware, owners are likely to want entertainment!

Multicoloured – Indicates creativity and a flare for the artistic side of life. Either that or maybe you couldn’t make your mind up?

Glass – Shows that you have nothing to hide. Indicating friendliness and an outgoing personality, or perhaps a complete exhibitionist!

Looking for a new front door?

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements. We would look forward to seeing how we can incorporate our range of doors into your project.