Amazing uses of Glass in Architecture!

Glass can look amazing when being used in architecture and interior design! Take it from us, we have seen first hand some of the most ingenious ways of using glass to add that extra wow factor to a building or project. Below we have a list of some of our favourite and most interesting uses of glass in architecture!

Vertical Glass House

Picture 1

This unusual Vertical Glass house (now used as a quirky guest house) has one room per floor, each floor separated by glass alone. The whole building is lit by the natural light which enters through a glazed roof, as well as a few small glass panels.

Chanel, Amsterdam


The shop front of Chanel in Amsterdam, is constructed almost entirely from glass.  Rotterdam firm MVRDV creatively used glass bricks and transparent adhesive to create this “Crystal houses” effect. The glass is reportedly very strong and the glass maximises the natural light in the shop.

Glass Office, Hong Kong

glass office

The Hong Kong 13 Floor “Glass Office” was created by completely replacing all opaque parts of the structure with transparent materials.  The interiors, as well as exteriors, of the building desks are all see-through,  with desks, lifts and internal walls all being made from glass.  The result of this design is a light, open and spacious appearing building,  in which the internal workings of the building are visible.  

Basque Health Department, Bilbao


The Basque Health Department Headquarters, designed by Coll-Barreu Architects, shared the sculptural focus of Gehry’s Guggenhiem.  While Gehry designed his masterpiece with metal, Coll-Barreu crafted the Basque Health Dept. Headquarters in angular glass with an almost organically-inspired shape.  When it comes to glass in architecture, this building is easily amongst the world’s most progressive.

Apple Glass Staircase, Covent Garden


This single story glass staircase is the main attraction at Apple Covent Garden store in London. Located at the front of the store  it is the first thing you see, and what a first impression it makes. Glass is a consistent theme among all the Apple stores around the world, but this is by far our favourite as it perfectly compliments old and new with the Grade 2 listed building that it sits in, built in 1877!

Willis Tower Skydeck, Chicago


The Willis Tower Skydeck is not for the faint hearted! The Willis Tower is the second tallest building in USA, second only to One World Trade Centre in New York. With its viewing platform on the 103rd floor, a whopping 1,353ft in the air it is probably the closest thing you can get to floating above a city and you should definitely have nerves of steel before walking out there. You really have to trust the glass structure beneath your feet!

So there you have it, YES Glazings list of our favourite and most amazing uses of Glass in Architecture. What was your favourite? Think theres any that we have missed? Let us know your thoughts below!

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